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The Knight is a great all-purpose tent, ideal for 3-4 people. Made from high quality, durable material, this tent will be sure to keep you safe from the elements as you brave your next adventure! Crafted to provide an authentic medieval look and feel; you can bring this tent to your next event and rest assured knowing you’ll be camping in style. Designed to be easy to set up, our tents come with everything you need to be included. Be sure to fill out our Custom Order Form if you desire more specific styles or colors, or wish to purchase a tent without poles.

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The Knight is a great all-purpose tent, ideal for 3-4 people. The walls are completely removable with a two-flap door opening that, when desired, can seal tight using our simple rope system to keep out the elements. The canvas is a durable, high-grade cotton canvas with a thickness of 350gsm. The walls are hung with an intuitive internal rope system that is built into the roof. This ensures that the tent is both easy to set up and not reliant on small parts. The tip of the center pole is reinforced inside the canvas so the pole will never tear through the top; while a grommet covers the inside of the hole in the roof to guide the pole in to ensure it does not come out.

Custom Colors & Orders:

Don’t see the colors you’re looking for? Need something customized on the tent?

We can make this tent in any color combination and can customize every piece, part, and design of the tent.

Please visit our custom order page to provide more information about your custom order. 


The Knight tent is 13 feet in diameter. The walls are 6 feet tall and the roof at its peak is 11.5 feet.
The poles are all 6 feet tall. The large center pole breaks down into two separate 6-foot sections for easy transport.

Wall Height:

The standard wall height is 6ft. We have added an option, perfect for vendors using this tent, to increase the wall height to 7ft.


Canvas: Our tents are made from a high-grade cotton canvas with a thickness of 350gsm. The canvas is flame retardant, water repellant, and mold resistant. With proper setup and storage of these tents remain clean and mold-free for years of use. The canvas is not fire treated but is flame retardant. If exposed to open flame it will burn, but will not spread and light the entire tent aflame.
Canvas, made from high-quality materials, will keep you dry in the rain, cool in the sun, and protect you from the elements on your next adventure. We use these tents extensively at Bicolline and The Voyage North, and they are widely loved for their authentic look and durability.
Poles: The poles for this tent are made of white powder-coated steel. Stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than wood, our poles are designed to complete the look of an authentic medieval tent without the hassle of warping, splinters, and weight.

Groundsheet & Sod Flaps:

The fabric for the Groundsheet and Sod Flaps is 500 GSM in thickness, double-sided, PVC coated fabric (also called Vinyl Fabric), which has water-repellent properties. Additionally, the fabric is Flame retardant, has a very long life-span of use, and has an anti-slip surface suitable for flooring. The fabric is seam welded; instead of stitching to avoid holes created from needles.
The sod flap is also Vinyl Fabric and, if ordered, will be welded around the tent wall approximately 10 inches to 12 inches on the floor and 4 to 6 inches up the wall to protect the wall fabric.


Why are the shipping prices so expensive? The tents are VERY heavy. Weighing over 100 lbs each, they are also considered an “oversized” item because of their length. Due to this classification, they must be shipped via freight shipping.

Estimated delivery: Our current production time is approximately 2-3 months. Due to the pandemic and worldwide supply chain delays our production/delivery times are longer than usual. Shipping takes 7-10 days to most places in North America.

Want to order a tent without poles? Need your tent sooner rather than later? Please fill out a Custom Order Form and we’ll help you craft your perfect tent!


Our tents come complete with everything needed to set your tent up quickly! You do not need to purchase additional materials, poles, ropes, or stakes to use our tents. They are ready to go out of the package.
This package includes*:
-Tent Canvas
-Canvas Carrying Bag
-Instructions for Setup

*Flooring and Sod Flaps are optional and must be selected additions.

Additional information

Weight 122 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 12 × 12 in
Color 1 (Includes Trim/Door)

Beige (Natural), Green, Olive Green, Tan, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Black

Color 2

Beige (Natural), Green, Olive Green, Tan, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Black

Wall Height

6 Feet (standard), 7 Feet

Mud Flaps

No Flaps, Add Mud Flaps

Ground Sheet

No Ground Sheet, Add Ground Sheet

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