Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of canvas are the tents made of?

The canvas is a thick, durable, high grade cotton canvas with a thickness of 350gsm.

What are the tent poles made from?

The majority of our tent poles are powder-coated steel. The Norseman Tent poles are wood.

How tall are the tent walls?

The standard tent walls are 6 feet tall. They can be increased to 7ft tall through a custom order.

How do you close the doors to the tent?

Simply use our rope system to pull the door tightly shut to keep out the elements. The ropes have a handy looping style that allows you to pull each loop through and securely tie it off at the bottom.

Are the tents water proof?

The tents are water resistant. Water will peel down the roof and sides of the tent when it rains. If the tent is setup correctly and maintained so that water is not allowed to gather they will not leak or drip water inside of the tent.

Are the tents fire proof?

The tents are fire-retardant, not fireproof. This means that if an open flame is put to the canvas it will burn, but the fire will not spread to the rest of the tent or the surrounding area.

What is your return policy?

If there is a problem from the manufacturing of your tent we will replace it. Simply take pictures of your tent as soon as you receive it and notice the defect. Send those images and an explanation to

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping rates are based on dimensions and weight. Medieval canvas tents are both very heavy and very long. Often the tents have to be shipped as “freight” instead of a normal shipment. We’ve worked to lower the price of shipping as much as possible, but we’re unable to offer Amazon levels of cheap or free shipping.

Do you do custom designed tents?

Yes! Head over to our custom order page and tell us as much as possible about your design and project. We’ll work with our design team and tentmakers to bring your project to life!

What do you have in stock?

Stock amounts vary depending on the time of the year. Currently (Jan 2021) we are not carrying any stock due to the state of lockdowns around the world. All orders will be created at the time of payment and shipped directly to the customer.
In the future (hopefully May 2021) we will have some of our most popular models and colors in stock for immediate shipping.

How long does it take to get a tent?

Our current production time is approximately 2-3 months. Due to the pandemic and worldwide supply chain delays our production/delivery times are longer than usual. Shipping takes 7-10 days to most places in North America.

Do you ship outside of North America?

Yes! We can ship anywhere. Please email or fill out our contact form with any specific questions.
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