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Step 1


We’re excited that you want to sell our tents on your website or in your shop! We’re interested in partnering with you to bring the great tents from Larp Tents to your customers anywhere in the world.

On this page you will find a series of steps to get you started.

Step 2

Business Details

We can only partner with actual businesses who plan to resell the tents. If you’re looking for a sale to outfit your larp or reenactment event you’ll have to wait until we have a sale! Otherwise we require a copy of your business license and/or a reseller’s permit for the state you plan to sell from.

Step 3

Wholesale Application

Next, we’ll need you to fill out our wholesale application form here and then sign and date our agreement attached here. In the application we ask a few questions about you and your business and in the agreement we make sure you understand our relationship and how things will work.

Step 4

Discounts & Dropshipping

We no longer offer drop shipping services!

The discount for a wholesaler is 25%.

Step 5

Minimum Order

The minimum order is $5,000.

Step 6


Shipping is dependent on order size. We will setup a custom shipping amount for each wholesale purchase.

Please note that you, as a wholesaler, are responsible for any importing fees and taxes.

Complete The Dealer Application

Fill Out The Wholesale / Reseller Terms And Conditions

Email your business license and/or reseller's permit and signed agreement to

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