Medieval Tents Sale 35% Off! |
All of our tents are 35% off! For a limited time get the best deal ever for a medieval tent!
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35% Off All Tents

Buy Your Tent Now, Get 35% Off!


We Deliver It In May. 


You Save A Ton!

How DOes The Sale Work? 

1. Design & Order


The process starts by either choosing from our most popular options below or by contacting one of our tent experts to help design your tent.


Choose your tent style, colors and options.  If you want something custom, and the sky is literally the limit, fill out the form to speak to one of our experts. 


We'll confirm everything with you and receive your payment. 

2. Tent Creation


Our team will take your order specifications and expertly craft your tent to your exact specifications.


We'll even send you pictures of the tent to confirm colors and show you it all packed up before we ship it. 


If there's any part of the tent you're not happy with, no problem, we'll fix it! 


3. Delivery in May


Estimated delivery is May 15th for all orders. 


This will give our team plenty of time to create and ship all tents in a timely manner. 


We pass on the massive savings to you with 35% off the tent of your dreams!

Medieval Tents Designed for events

Durable & Beautiful


Our tents are designed for medieval reeanactors, larpers, and those looking to create epic camps and events. Whether you're an event organizer or a solo camper we've got the tent that will make your next event extraordinary!


We know because we've been using these same tents for our events. They're over 6 years old and look just as gorgeous as the first day we put them up!

All Of OUr Tents, In Every Color

Yes, We Can Do That Color Combination With That Tent. Any Custom Color You Desire. 


What if I want to have a tent delivered before May?

No problem! We can do that, but we can't offer you 35% off. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, speak to one of our tent specialists and we'll still give you 10% off. :) 

Can you do a custom tent? Alteration? Or something crazy?

Yes! We can literally make anything out of canvas. Add an awning? Stovepipe fitting for your tent? Room dividers? Special Sizing? Vendor Tent? We can do it all. 



What materials are the tents made of?

Canvas: Our tents are made from a high grade cotton canvas with a thickness of 350gsm. The canvas is flame retardant, water repellant and mold resistant. With proper setup and storage of these tents they should remain clean and mold free for years of use. The canvas is not fire treated but is flame retardant. If you expose it to open flame it will burn, but it will not spread and light the entire tent aflame. If you insist on having open flames near your tent there are fire treatments available all over the internet.


This is not an inexpensive nylon tent, it is a legitimate canvas tent made from high quality materials. It will keep you dry in the rain, cool in the sun and protect you from the elements on your next adventure. We use these tents extensively at Bicolline and The Voyage North and they are widely loved for their great look and durability.


Poles: The poles for this tent are made of powder coated steel. Stronger, more durable and longer lasting than wood. Our poles are designed to give you the look and feel of an authentic medieval tent without the hassle of bending, warping and breaking of wood.



The fabric for the Groundsheet and Sod Flaps is 500 GSM in thickness, double sided, PVC coated fabric (also called Vinyl Fabric), which has very good waterproofing properties.

Additionally, the fabric is Flame retardant, has a very long life-span of use and has an anti-slip surface which is suitable for flooring. The fabric is seam welded, which means the joints are welded instead of stitching to avoid holes created from the needles.


The sod flap is the same fabric and will be stitched all around the tent approximately 10 inch to 12 inches on the floor and 4 to 6 inch up the wall to protect the wall fabric.

Medieval Tents 35% Off

medieval round tent
medieval tent close up
medieval tent close up
medieval tent close up

The Knight


STARTING AT: $412.75 + Shipping

Regularly $635.00


The Knight is a great all purpose that is ideal for 3-4 people. The walls, which are 6 ft tall, are completely removable with one door opening that easily attaches to two side poles for a very nice opening. When you want the door sealed up you simply use our rope system to pull the door tightly shut to keep out the elements.

The Noble


Starting at: $760.75 + Shipping

Regularly $1170


The Noble is an expansive and luxurious tent ideal for 4-5 people.The walls, which are 6 ft tall, are completely removable with one door opening that easily attaches to two side poles for a very nice opening. When you want the door sealed up you simply use our rope system to pull the door tightly shut to keep out the elements.

medieval noble tent
medieval oval marquee tent
medieval oval marquee tent
medieval tents at sunset
huge medieval tent
inside huge medieval tent
banquet table medieval tent
inside medieval tent

The Royal



Regularly $2000.00


This is the grand, roll out your carpets and invite over the whole Kingdom tent. This thing is really large with room to spare. This tent is perfect for hosting large groups, creating a “tavern” like experience, or setting it up to have a tent fit for only royalty!


The Royal Pavilion tent has two sets of removable walls in order to create two doorways (as seen in the picture) or it is possible roll up large sections for a very open and inviting space.

The Norseman


Starting at: $214.50 + Shipping

Regularly $400.00


Let your inner Norseman thrive in this authentically inspired canvas tent. Designed to be plenty roomy for even the mightiest warriors. This tent comes in several different options.

viking larp tent
viking tent frame
viking tent frame bottom
viking tent inside

Got Questions? Need Custom Work?


    medieval tents
    red and black medieval tent
    medieval tents at sunset
    medieval tents in a village
    medieval tents blue and white
    huge medieval tent setup
    medieval tent banquet hall
    red and black medieval tent setup
    blue and teal medieval tent
    medieval tents and firepit
    medieval tent in village